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Dr. med. dent. Peter Radics

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Teeth are far more than a tool to grind food or a body adornment that enhances your personal attractivity.

The condition of the teeth also has a significant influence on human health (body and psyche). It is our goal to counteract dental diseases or to optimally solve existing dental problems and thus to keep your teeth healthy in the long term.

To do this, we rely on the three supporting pillars

Prevention, Quality and Care.



Dr. med. dent. Peter Radics

  • Born in Basel  

  • 1996 state exam at the University of Bern

  • 1997-1998 Assistant in private practice (Lucerne)

  • 1998 Assistant in Clinic Periodontology, Endodontology and Cariology, Center for Dentistry at the University of Basel

  • 2000 Dissertation at the University of Bern

  • Topic: 3D force measurements on implant-fixed overdentures

  • 2000-2006 Senior assistant in the clinic for periodontology, endodontology and cariology, center for dentistry at the University of Basel, head of the periodontology group

  • since 2003 self-employed dentist


German, Hungarian, English, French and Italian


  • Swiss Dental Society: SSO

  • Dentist Society Basel: ZGB


Anisa Djaferi

  • Dental assistant in this dental office since 2024

Alice Radics

  • Office assistant in this dental office since 2014

Dental treatments in
our dental office

Tooth-preserving treatments

  • Professional tooth cleaning

  • Treatment of bleeding gums and periodontal pockets

  • root canal treatment

Dental aesthetics

  • White fillings with ceramic or composite

  • Ceramic veneers

  • Tooth bleaching

  • Aesthetic gum corrections


  • All-ceramic and therefore metal-free crowns and bridges

  • Removable dentures: partial dentures, full dentures

Dental implants

  • single tooth implants

  • bridges supported by Implants

  • implant-supported overdentures


The number of the medical emergency call center 061 261 15 15 is operated jointly by the pharmacists, doctors and dentists. 


The dental associations of the cantons  Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, (SSO), together with the public dental clinics and the university clinics for dentistry Basel, organize the official, state-legitimized  dental emergency service. This offers you 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. help in emergencies outside our practice opening hours.


Dental treatment is calculated on the basis of the tax points and the tax point values on which the dental tariff of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) is based. The dentist tariff includes over 500 individual services. Each service is assigned a certain number of tax points. This tax point number is multiplied by the tax point value and thus results in the price of the individual service.


The tax point value in our practice is CHF 1.1 for private patients.


For children up to the age of 5 years the teeth check is free of charge.

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